New Jersey Powerwash Services available to Homeowners and Commercial Business Owners

Power washing, or pressure washing is the application of high pressure water spray to remove dirt grime and other contaminants from a surface. High powered water, if used improperly, can result in costly damage to surfaces, but our skilled and knowledgeable specialists ensure a high quality wash that brings results. Over time, surfaces can appear run down from dirt, rust, oil, algae, or mold. Power washing quickly removes even the toughest stains. The results can be dramatic, and well worth the investment. Popular services include cleaning concrete patios, sidewalks, decks, house siding, entryways, and driveways.

New Jersey Powerwash is aware of environmental safety, protecting your vegetation and home surfaces from chemical hazards. With an eye on being green, New Jersey PowerWash only uses bio-degradeable detergents in our cleaning process. Through proper preparation, the use of surface scrubbers, and the application of hot water (when needed), we are able to achieve the outstanding results that we do. When you work with New Jersey PowerWash you're green because we're green!